Behind the Lens
with Billy Cunningham
Photography Coaching for Personal Insight & Professional Growth

          “You have a remarkable gift for teaching, and have helped open doors to
           discover things within myself I probably would have never explored.”
  I feel I learned more in 3 hours with you than in all of the classes
  that I’ve taken before, combined — and there have been many!”
  “I found Billy’s style to be gentle yet provocative, asking each of us  
to dig down deep and identify/discover why making pictures matters
— What draws you in? What is your approach?”
  “His observations, comments, and critiques were very supportive and
  egalitarian: equal time, attention, and support for each student,
  no matter their experience level or subject matter.”
  “An amazingly insightful teacher, less focused on ‘results’ than on
looking at what motivates you, and exploring your self-created limitations.
Break through these limitations and your work becomes richer.
  “Assignments helped me summon the courage to use my ‘eye’ and    
go out and get good, meaningful images outside my comfort zone.”
  “I loved the rapport between teacher and student.”
              “Billy’s a great teacher — honest, sincere, and caring.”
  “He led us to open new doors, and understand their meaning.”